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Parenting arrangements over Christmas

By December 11, 2020No Comments

Christmas is a time when tensions can run high for separated parents. 

While separated parents may find it difficult to agree on arrangements that are best for their children, it is important to ensure the children have an enjoyable Christmas and that any source of conflict between the parents is minimised on this day. 

If possible, plans should be negotiated at least one month prior to Christmas day and arrangements that work for everyone involved, particularly the children, should be put in place early. 

Some important things to consider when negotiating arrangements for Christmas day include:

  • where each parent plans to spend Christmas and if it is possible for each parent to spend time with the children on Christmas day;
  • whether any special arrangements have been made, such as family members visiting that have not seen the children in a long time;
  • any special customs that may have significance for one parent or the children; and
  • whether Christmas celebrations could take place on Christmas Eve or Boxing day at one of the parent’s households. 

If you are currently navigating a separation and require assistance in relation to arrangements for the upcoming Christmas holiday period, please contact our office.